Every horse is different and I, therefore, use a combination of different techniques and approaches to work with horses depending on their needs. Animal welfare is a priority in my training. I consider not only the physical health of the horse but also its state of mind -- the free spirit of the horse. 

Horses are trained and handled exclusively by me with the exception of situations that require assistance. 

Horses receive different kinds of training four to six times a week. Horses in training will be worked in hand, ridden in the arena, ridden on the trail, go out alone or in groups and get ponyied depending on their needs. The length of each training session is custom tailored to the horse and can vary.  

The following rates do not include the boarding for horses being trained. I have made arrangements with barns close to my home to board horses in training. 

full training
Per week $200 plus board based on 4-6 days of training per week
Per month $600 plus board based on 4-6 days of training per week

Single sessions
Per session including care of horse (grooming, tacking, etc.) - $50*

 * additional charge for gas and time applies for travel