Riding Instruction

                                        With my experience, I can help most levels                                          of riders and enjoy working with children and                                     adults alike. It does not make a difference to me whether somebody needs help with a horse's behavior, wants to further improve the horse’s dressage knowledge, needs gait training, conditioning, or training to  improve competition scores.

As a USIHC sport judge, I travel as much as I can to judge alongside international sports judges. This has helped me gain a clear understanding of what the judges are looking for, to see faults in the beat or carriage of horses, and to differentiate the quality of the movements, etc. This knowledge has been beneficial for lessons and in working with competition riders.

Lesson fees (on site)*

Adult lessons (12 years and over)
Private lesson 45 minutes  - $60
Semi-private or group lesson 60 minutes 
per person - $40
Lunge lesson/seat correction 30 minutes - $40

schooling horse- $10 

Children lessons (younger than 12)
Private lesson 30 minutes - $45
Semi-private or group lesson 45-50 minutes per person - $35

schooling horse  - $5

*additional charge for gas and time applies for travel.